Tablets Ipad And Alternatives
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Tablets: Ipad And Alternatives

Whether to signal a gadget winner this year would undoubtedly be that of the Tablets , and more specifically the Ipad .The new device Apple has been a resounding success , both sales, which are in the millions, as critical. It has opened up a market so far almost nonexistent, the digital tablets, to make it the new reef that every company wants to exploit. Since Ipad, it is the beginning but by no means end there as they go out multiple alternatives.

Whether for its functionality, have in the palm of the hand a small, lightweight device that performs many of the functions that make the mini-laptops or netbooks , and its attractive design, the reality is that they are totally hip. The gadget that almost every tech lover wants to own.

Tablets Ipad And Alternatives
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It is the largest for 2011 by the various companies bet. A new product, with great market potential and still has much room for improvement. Apple itself well knows and as all the rumors, will draw a second version of the same device.

From technocrats we will do a review of the tablet market, looking at the most significant models , as well as its salient features.

IPAD could not start this article with another device other than the company on the block. Presented with great expectation as everything that takes Apple , earlier this year, the end came in Spring staggered to different markets. Much has been said about the same since. Both of everything he had, his power, as well as what was not wearing. And it has been reproached him that does not have web camera , which was not multitasking ( a feature latter settled in the latest firmware update), and something that has raised many blisters, as is the lack of compatibility with flash . The latter is what is most missing the Ipad, as currently, despite the prophecies of Steve Jobs, a large percentage of websites have applications or parts thereof are made with flash technology. We will see, on many occasions, when we surf the web certain content can not be played. Hopefully in a future revision enter these details apart from possible developments that will take.

Tablets Ipad And Alternatives
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But it should be noted that Case has been a success, has many great features that make it stand out.

Screen 9’7 inch multitouch LED type, which gives a great picture quality and vividness in colors with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels a processor of 1 Gz , extremely thin design and long battery life that we It gives more than 10 hours of battery life , which is ideal for a portable device. Instead, their weight seems something big with its 680 Grs
But if there be pointed out something fundamental, and that becomes an outstanding Ipad device is the application itself we can get him. Thousands of them available to the user through the Apple App Store and allow us to give all kinds of different functions to the device. Really if you want to give a much better performance must go to these applications as there are all kinds.

Tablets Ipad And Alternatives
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The price, in principle, intended as gagdet or craving might seem expensive, because it starts in the 499 € in its most basic 16GB model and wireless and going up as we add more gigas and 3G. But if something has taught us this time with its use is that it can be useful for many people with multiple applications that greatly facilitate our work and we want to perform tasks from anywhere thanks to its small size.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The second of the big companies that has signed up for this “new fashion” is Samsung . Emerging in Spain is its Galaxy Tab, trying to gain a foothold. Samsung can be happy, because far from iPad sales, has had a fairly substantial numbers also so far.

Try to be lighter and handier than its competitor Apple. In fact it has a considerably smaller dimensions. For starters, the screen here happens to be 7 inches , weight is also much lower, 380 grams and with a very thin thickness .

In fact we could say that is a mix between large phone and a tablet. 3G leads series, and one of its great advantages over its competitors is that it is fully compatible with Flash .

Processor 1 Gh too, with up to 8 gigabytes of SDRAM and possibility of having it in versions 16 and 32 GB , with the addition of microSD cards to put him to expand his memory.

All this running under Android 2.2 operating system . With the advantage of access to the Android app store.

Interesting features is to have a camera and 3 megapixel videos and other front 1.3 megapixel for videoconferencing . And approximate range of 7 hours .

Tablets Ipad And Alternatives
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The negative data, and it recedes in principle of its competitor, is its price of 750 € . Which may be reduced if we take it through a pricing plan any of the phone companies.

Bet of the Korean giant is presented in a very interesting way. A very attractive design and competitive price will be your greatest assets. It really should consider it a mixture of two types of device, tablet and electronic book reader.

That will be focused on other user surely. Who wants to have an eBook but also that you can take notes, check files, etc … In fact its characteristics so indicate, and differentiate it from the other competitors.

Screen 8 inches , allowing us to write about it through the use of a digital pen and using the Wacom technology . The display will have a resolution of 768 × 1024 pixels and will be more focused on being able to read without glare and comfort for no eyestrain.

2 megapixel camera, 4GB of ROM , microphone are other characteristics. Function under Linux , have a long battery life of up to 14.5 hours and a weight of 540 grams.

Important thing that can make it even more interesting to this Eee Note EA800, is its price, since it has been confirmed the same for USA and will be 230 dollars, which makes him very attractive. , And it is expected early next year.

Tablets Ipad And Alternatives
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No definitive names, Acer is betting companies stronger by tablets. In fact is preparing 4 models that will emerge in early 2011. Some operate under Windows 7 and others with the latest version of Android, the 3.0
And certainly, at least in principle, the most interesting paint.

With their screens sizes 5, 7 and 10.1 inches on most models with a camera for photos and video of 5 megapixels , except 5 – inch model will be 8. Apart have a front camera ideal for HD video conferencing .

They have both Wifi and 3G for Internet connection, and a powerful processor Qualcomm dual – core 1.2GHz , which will integrated platform Tegra2 . So you can imagine that will also very good graphics power, in fact Acer has promised that can display HD videos perfectly. They will have a 1GB of RAM , perhaps somewhat sparse, and different storage sizes.

All have a very attractive and lightweight design.

No pricing or exact dates yet known, but estimated that Acer will between February and April next year and prices vary from 200 to 600 €.

Here is the overview of the highlights tablets, but pointing out that they are and will be many more. If 2010 has been born for the general public, 2011 will be the year of his consecration.

We look to tell you all about them.

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