Beach Zlatni Rat in Croatia
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The 6 Most Spectacular Beaches In Europe

Some associates paradisaical beaches with exotic destinations. But it’s not always like this. Europe also has fantastic and idyllic places to cool off in hot weather .

Our old continent can still surprise more than one with the wonderful coastal corners that keeps in its geography. Dream places to lose yourself to enjoy transparent and crystal clear waters. Points and the names of the 6 most spectacular beaches in Europe and begins to prepare the case for a dream vacation.

1. Beach Navagio in Greece

Begins our journey into the wonderful Greece . Beyond the hard times facing the country, it lies in its coast a spectacular area called Playa Navagio . This tropical paradise is hidden on the island of Zákinthos, one of the most famous and visited the Hellenic country.

The spectacular cliffs make mastodon hide under a small stretch of sand that could have left the beautiful landscapes of Shadow of the Colossus , a masterpiece of ineffable Team ICO.

Your access to and the steepness of its location became home to the mafias , who used to smuggle years ago.

 Beach Navagio in Greece
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2. Reynisfjara beach in Iceland

If you like the combination of sun and beach, you must visit Rastafarianism in Iceland during the summer months . The country is so close to the North Pole has just night at this time. That is, this is the place dreamed by lovers of tan. There they can enjoy almost 20 hours straight day under the influence of the sun.

However, we must remember that this close north of the planet is not as positive as a prior we may think. The water off the coast of Iceland is extremely cold and temperature, despite the hours of sunshine, has nothing to do with that we live in a Spanish summer, even compared to Galicia and Asturias.

However, the beach has a beautiful baby Rastafarianism black sand , which gives the whole a beauty of great magnitude.

Reynisfjara beach in Iceland
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3. Ballast beach in Spain

Not many people know this lost corner of the coast of the region of Murcia. Port-man, a small province of the Union coastal town, lies a bay that for years was used to download the sterile mining of the adjacent mountains .

Now, under the influence of the surrounding mountains, the small beach emerges Ballast as one of the most beautiful sites in Spain . After years of human destruction, to cease mining in the area, he could rediscover a wonderful corner of the Spanish coast.

 Ballast beach in Spain
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Sandwiched between an amazing pine forest land and mountains that border the Mediterranean, a slice of beach that hides rather looks like a piece of heaven for its tranquility , wonderful views and charm.

“A beach is not only the sand, but what hidden underneath.”

Ramiro Pinilla

4. Blue Lagoon in Malta

Now we travel to the small country of Malta to focus our eyes on Laguna Azul , located on the island of Comino.

Between two islands, which are the peculiar names of Comino and Cominotto, lies the small beach of Laguna Azul. It has a truly spectacular seabed and the water is clean and clear as in few parts of the Mediterranean.

Blue Lagoon in Malta
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5. Beach Zlatni Rat in Croatia

We now approach to the Balkan countries to visit the beach Zlatni Rat , on the coast of Croatia , bordered by the Adriatic Sea.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the favorite spots for surfers because the winds and tides are especially strong in this part of Europe. Moreover, the atmosphere you’ll find among the regulars Zlatni Rat is quite liberal and pleasant.

Beach Zlatni Rat in Croatia
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6. Cala Macaralleta in Spain

We ended our tour today Macaralleta getting close to Cala in the Balearic Islands. This wonderful Mediterranean place is located specifically in Menorca .

To access to the Cala Macaralleta you must walk a few meters along a path. Once on the sand, forget your swimsuit and enjoy the most crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean coast .

What do you have like 6 most spectacular beaches in Europe ? Do not wait any longer, grab your bags and start living intensely in summer.

Cala Macaralleta in Spain
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