The benefits of spectacular internal fabric structures

The use of fabric structures on the inside of a building can bring about a number of advantages, including enhanced acoustics, reduced solar glare and definition of a space, as well as making a feature.

The benefits of spectacular internal fabric structures

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Better acoustic performance

There are a range of factors that can affect acoustics in modern buildings, including the extent of extremely reflective surfaces, like furniture, floors, walls, ceilings and glazing. This can create an echo effect that increases background noise and makes it harder to hold a conversation. A tensile structure absorbs acoustics more effectively, creating lower noise levels and a more pleasant environment.


The use of a solar mesh can be incorporated into fabric structures to provide shade from the sun, without reducing the amount of natural light. This ability to regulate daylight will lower lighting costs and lead to a reduction in energy bills in the winter and air conditioning costs in the summer.

Thermal properties

Another benefit of a tensile structure, such as those developed by, is more efficient insulation. The structure can also be built with mesh fabric, to aid ventilation if necessary.

Definition of space

A tensile fabric structure is a quick and inexpensive means of dividing a space, without the need to put up a permanent barrier. This can create meeting areas and break-out rooms, which offer privacy and have acoustic absorption properties.


Internal fabric structures can be personalised with specific colours, images or wording to enable you to create a unique style and design that will stand out and emphasis your brand identity.


If you want to increase the amount of light within the space of a fabric structure, then this can easily be added in. There is the option to have an automatic or programmable lighting system that changes colour, illuminates individual features or turns on and off at set times.

Internal linings

For instances where wall panels or suspended ceiling systems are required, a tensile fabric structure can be put in place as an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective alternative to traditional materials. The modular and lightweight design of such structures means the panels can easily be removed when necessary. The 3D design of the fabric will create visual interest in the building and can be incorporated into the overall design style by using a range of colours.

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