The Bride Of The Year

The wedding dress is the most important dress of any woman’s life and more if you know that you are going to go out in hello. This 2017 has been a year of many famous weddings and every bride has worn a very different style: Empire dresses, skirts with lots of volume, some lace, touches of rhinestones, veils with a lot of fall … I leave the images of all of them For you to choose the bride that you liked the most.

Amelia Bono:

I like: how elegant she was and how good the dress was, simple but spectacular and above all she was not disguised. A hairstyle, very natural, and the smooth veil with a lot of fall.

I do not like it: I would have put a slight touch of color on the bouquet, although the one I took is pretty.

The bride of the yearLucía Jiménez:

I like: the dress, 20’s style, go totally with it and the neckline favors. The tone of the dress, a very bright white, stands out with its skin tone.

I do not like: the pirate veil, I have seen few brides who really look good. The bouquet, it seems that he has picked it up in the field on the way to the church.

Belén Esteban:

I like: the strapless neckline once the bolero was removed. I’m not as enthusiastic as I was, but I admit I could have gone much worse.

I do not like it: the Coronet the repellent bun, the exaggerated brown, the Whipped cream jacket, cannot be more coarse, the rhinestones bearing the bolero, the XL size bouquet … and the veil on the face???

The bride of the yearMaría Palacios:

I like: the dress, even though it was not the best cut for her is a gorgeous design. The hairstyle, just perfect. The bouquet of hydrangeas, but much better if the stem had been short.

I do not like the boots; I do not see the meaning in a girlfriend. The earrings, very ostentatious.

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Elisabetta Gregoraci:

I like: the impressive fabric with which the dress was made. The veil gave her the bride touch she needed.

I do not like it: that sketch, it seems exaggerated to marry me in a church, however much she may show it.

I like: the dress is very elegant and the embroidery of the waist is wonderful.

I do not like it: the wild headdress and the bush bouquet.

Shaila Durcal:

I like: the second dress he wore, the lace. The detail of the brooch below the chest.

I do not like it: the halter neckline of the first dress, Rosa Clara has much finer lace. The bouquet could not be any bigger! Someone understands why she changed dress if the cut was the same?

The bride of the yearCaritina Goyanes:

I like: how simple it was, according to an Ibiza wedding. The natural hairstyle with marked waves.

I do not like it: the dress did not pick up the chest, although I honestly do not know what kind of cleavage would have been better.

The bride of the yearSilvia Casas:

I like: the dress she wore for the ceremony, although wearing a Valentino dress is difficult to fail. The hairstyle, another girlfriend more with a simple semi collected.

I do not like it: the second dress, designed by Manuel Mota, was nice but the neckline did not suit him. She wore little make-up and was not so pretty as to go with her face washed.

Marie Cavallier:

I like: the cut of the dress, perfect for her. The neckline, more daring than have traditionally worn other royalty brides.

I do not like it: outside the crown, it was bigger than she but had no choice; the veil does not wear well placed. It makes an awful table effect. The lace of the sleeves does not end up liking me.

Catherine: and finally a wedding of fiction.

I like it: the ivory tone that favors the skin so white.

I do not like it: the veil too stiff and the dress were small.

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