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Planters Or Pots | What To Choose For Your Urban Garden

What To Choose For Your Urban Garden? Today there are many useful supports to create an urban garden: cultivation tables, planters, raised beds, vertical gardens or pots are examples of this. Choosing one or the other depends on several determining factors, such as the space or the money that we want to invest in it. Here we present a guide so that the election is not so overwhelming.

What To Choose For Your Urban GardenWhat To Choose For Your Urban Garden

The cultivation tables

The cultivation tables are the closest thing to having a garden when this is not an option available; there is a wide variety of them in the market.


By having a greater volume of substrate soil temperature does not suffer from large increases and decreases in temperature, which means greater security for the development of plants.

Easy access: There are many available heights of cultivation tables. Make sure you choose the one that best suits you according to what you want to plant (for tall crops, such as tomato plants, the ideal is a not very high cultivation table, or you will have to use a ladder to make the harvest)

Beneficial associations: Many plants have developed the ability to create substances that repel pests, others (such as legumes: beans, peas, etc.) have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen, an essential nutrient for the development of plants, and incorporate it to the ground. By sharing the same space and substrate the effect of the associations is enhanced.

Raised bedsRaised beds

They are mainly used to improve the conditions of the garden, placing them on unpaved ground. They can also be used on paved floors, making sure to offer a bit of extra drainage (many of the prefabricated ones come with a cover that exceeds this function, if not; a 5cm layer of gravel will suffice).


They help keep pests, such as snails, under control, as it is an extra obstacle.

Weed control: the cover that comes in the prefabricated or simply the layers of extra soil with a geotextile in the bottom prevent the germination and development of weeds.

Portability: Being easy to assemble and disassemble (there are even some made with textile material, which only need to be folded when we stop using them) allows us to use them only in the seasons that interest us, or transfer them if we need it. This is the best way of What To Choose For Your Urban Garden.

Pots and planters

Undoubtedly, the most economical option to start a garden. There are models of different sizes and materials. It is important to make sure to choose pots with a sufficient volume for the development of the crop.

Practical examples of use:

Planters And PotsPlanters And Pots

  1. Hanging from the wall: An economical way to create a vertical garden is by hanging a few flower beds on a sunny wall. You can use some planters designed for it or use some supports.
  2. Planters for railing: There are designs that allow having a garden or gardening in very little space. These pots are an example of this!
  3. There are textile models that allow you to fold when you do not use them. Perfect to add cultivation space in the summer seasons.
  4. Large planters, as close to being a cultivation table, have a large volume but occupy less. Ideal for balconies and terraces. That is another best way of What To Choose For Your Urban Garden.


It is the most economical option

Flexibility: They allow them to change their position if the needs change, for example: they can be put inside the house if the weather requires it (cold wave, for example) or to have them on hand (to be used in the kitchen).

They fit in “any place”: they can be hung on the balcony, have them in the kitchen … the imagination is the limit.

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