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The Facebook news feed now adapt your speed Internet

Facebook wants users to read the stories that interest you most without Internet speed they enjoy an impediment to it. Company developers have been working to improve the news section for all, regardless of the device to the type of connection you have.

This is especially relevant in emerging markets where the speeds available to people are often slow or unstable. Facebook has made the news feed does not depend directly on the ability of a connection, so that relevant stories appear first without having to wait too long.

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A new algorithm for newsfeed

Previously entire classification of the news was made server side. The stories were sent to the client and displayed in that order. This meant that those with slow connections constantly load they saw gray screens without content, because the news is sent regardless of the quality of the connection on the device.

The new system does is considered more relevant that content in the news feed that has already fully charged. That is, if an article on your Facebook has started to get out but can not display images, text , or at least the beginning of the video, you will not be displayed until they have completed their cargo.

The ranking of the stories now be done on the client side after being sent from the server. The content will be optimized for each session, it ie every time you open the application. You have nothing to do really with the type of content, but with the fact if your connection is able to display full to have the best experience.

To prevent old show you only stories simply because they are the ones that are loaded before the application selects the best that is available and that more recent or have not seen yet. In addition to this the videos will not play automatically when a user has a bad connection.

Goodbye the number of followers on pages

This is not the only change that Facebook has been working apparently pages companies no longer show the number of “Likes” they have received. Before when you walked to a Facebook page, at the beginning you could see the total number of “Likes” it has.

Although the information has not completely disappeared, now you have to navigate to the section likes that appears at the bottom of the menu on the right. We do not know if the change is permanent or the reasons behind this. Nor if they disappear entirely, but it is a curious fact and that takes some of the vanity of such pages that cannot display their numbers at first glance.

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