The lowdown on Quick-Step laminate flooring

Many homeowners have not yet caught up with the fundamental changes that have taken place in laminate flooring designs and products over the last few years. Laminate was once a cheap alternative to a stripped floor, looked like plastic, and made a clicking sound when it was walked on. The products were available in a wide range of beige, beige and beige. This type of laminate was dangerous, as its surface was so smooth – part of the reason it looked nothing like the wood it was designed to represent.

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All change in the world of laminates

Everything about laminates has changed and improved. Perhaps the most striking thing initially is the range of styles and colours that are available; for example, there is currently a trend for pale grey floor finishes with a wood effect – and there is a great choice of grey laminate flooring to fit the bill.

This is partly because the industry is much more responsive to fashion and design direction than it used to be. More style-conscious householders are now considering laminate; in turn, they have influenced the market, giving it much more of a design edge.

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Durable and scratch resistant

As Ideal Home recently pointed out, many laminates are ideal for use with underfloor heating and now come with a 25-year guarantee, making them a practical choice.

People choosing the new laminates want a floor covering that resists scratches and wear. One of the innovative new choices available from good suppliers such as is Quick-Step laminate. This product has a melamine finish that incorporates tiny carborundum granules, delivering amazing durability. It also has a scratch guard finish to ward off scratches and other damage.

Laminates are easy to clean anyway, but the new ones contain an anti-static coating that does not attract dust. Along with the fact that the surface is sealed, this means fewer bacteria will build up on the floor; therefore, these new products are ideal for use in the bedroom of any allergy sufferer.

Products such as this are very quick to install, with click-in systems that take the place of tools. Installation over a subfloor is not a problem, so expect to see more of these cutting-edge laminates everywhere from metropolitan apartments to country cottage kitchens.

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