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The Most Beautiful Parks In London

The City, as it is known to the great British capital, is one of the most incredible and exciting places in Europe and the whole world to live and visit. And if there is something that characterizes London are its immense and incredible green areas, spread throughout the city and also in its surroundings.

Despite how beautiful London is, with its wonderful monuments and enchanting places, there comes a time when every traveler’s soul needs a good rest and what better than to do it in some of the beautiful parks that the city hides under its wings. Let’s see the most famous and attractive.

Hyde Park1. Hyde Park

Begin our journey through the most beautiful parks in London in Hyde Park, a famous and huge corner of the City that offers more than 142 hectares of green to enjoy among its 4,000 trees.

In Hyde Park you will find a beautiful lake around which you can do all kinds of activities, such as sports, horseback riding or simply relax and marvel at this lung that gives oxygen and life to the British capital.

Kensington Gardens2. Kensington Gardens

Continue our journey through the most beautiful parks of London and we now travel to Kensington Gardens, located next to Hyde Park and the palace where the ill-fated Princess Diana resided.

Among the royal parks still remaining in the City, stands this area of more than 110 hectares marked by lovely paths and beautiful flowers. You will even find a statue dedicated to Peter Pan.

Hampstead Heath3. Hampstead Heath

Let’s go now to Hampstead Heath as we locate the most beautiful parks in London. Very close to Trafalgar Square, in the heart of the City, we find this place, a huge expanse of 300 acres surrounded by incredible flora and fauna and unique views of the British capital.

Bushy Park

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4. Bushy Park

We continue to rummage through the enormity of the City to find Bushy Park. Another gigantic monument to nature with more than 445 hectares of land , which also belongs to the royal parks and which has an incredible rural and natural environment, since you can even see deer among its nooks and crannies.

Battersea Park5. Battersea Park

And if we talk about spectacular flora and fauna, among the most beautiful parks in London is Battersea Park, an excellent example of natural and wild life in the heart of a city like the British capital. A magical place in the Marble Arch area which is a real gem.

Greenwich Park6. Greenwich Park

We leave now to Greenwich Park, one of the most beautiful parks in London. Formerly a hunting lodge in the southeast of the City  and today is a beautiful corner that even hosted various tests of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Among its 74 hectares of land, you will see all kinds of flora and fauna and even the National Maritime Museum. Of course, you can also visit the astronomical observatory.

Regent's Park7. Regent’s Park

We continue to look for the most beautiful parks in London, and among the most beautiful corners, we find Regent’s Park, a place that has the honor of hosting the city’s famous zoo.

Here you will also find magnificent sports areas, a beautiful navigable lake, an open air theater and wonderful gardens where roses predominate.

Holland Park8.Holland Park

We now go to Holland Park, another of the most beautiful and romantic parks in London. A place that still keeps that beauty that Lord Byron and Oscar Wilde narrated in his works on the wild forests and the noble attraction that provokes nature with its bad luck.

St. James's Park

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9. St. James’s Park

We continue our route through the most beautiful parks of London in the well-known St. James’s Park, an old place of the City surrounded nothing more and nothing less than by the Mall and the palaces of Buckingham and St. James. Another of the greenest and most surprising corners of the heart of Britain.

Clapham Common10. Clapham Common

We now march to Clapham Common, a huge park full of open spaces with almost 90 hectares in length. Between its thick vegetation there is space for cafes, ponds, sports courts and even a musical templete.

Kew Gardens11. Kew Gardens

We finish our review of the most beautiful parks in London in Kew Gardens, famous gardens of the City that are known as the Royal Botanic Garden of the capital. It has more than 30,000 different plant species and is on its way to 300 years of history.

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