The Rimember of the Vienne, V of green lizard

The Rimember of the Vienne, V of green lizard

The post today retakes the theme of the television series and you will love it because it goes from a classic where there are, the series ” V “. Surely you remember this galactic soap opera that marked an entire generation, and despite not being Star Trek, also has its followers and fans.

V is a series that particularly brings me very good memories and a very bad one, because after watching each and every one of the episodes I missed the last one, since my parents did not think of anything else the day they emitted it they go to the pool (that was empty). So I know how it ended because my friends told me the next day, think that at the time there was no emule and the VHS at that time in my house was not styled.

The Rimember of the Vienne, V of green lizardWhat I certainly remember as if it were today is the day after the program broadcast in which Diana eats a live mouse, and Mike Donovan discovers that they are lizards. All of Spain was shocked and the streets were not talked about anything else, although today the special effects seem to us as a cunt. I put this mythical video of the world television to you a little lower.

But in case there is some absent-minded who does not know what this is about V, I will make a brief summary. You see, there was the Land of the 80 with their carded hairs and their shoulder pads when suddenly came some spaceships that remained floating over the larger cities. The Visitors in Pricipio seemed to come from good roll for certain minerals that had the Earth and that had been exhausted on their planet, in return they would give us technology and glass beads and such.

The Rimember of the Vienne, V of green lizardBut some Earthlings were not convinced of the intentions of these visitors and a journalist named Mike Donovan (the good guy) discovers that they are really lizards with a human face that come to eat us and take our water. This is how the Resistance is organized along with more dissidents among whom there are also some of the renegade lizards. The Resistance at the end of the first season invents a red dust that kills the lizards but not the earthlings throw it into balloons and the lizards return to their planet with their green tail between their legs.

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Here it would finish everything (in fact that was the plan of the series) but after a year the lizards return and the red dust can no longer be used because of the consequences it has for the environment, so 20 chapters begin in which Born a little girl half-caterpillar that embarulla the whole plot, along with a guaperillas on motorcycle and the rest of the Resistance come to pull out lizard faces. At the end, the leader of the lizards arrives and they decide to make all the peace, although the leader of the expedition (Diana, the bad) tries to kill the leader to be her boss (this as I said I had to tell).

The characters that you will all remember are from the good Julie the scientist, Mike Donovan the reporter, Kyle Bates the chulin of the motorcycle who is the son of a rich man allied with the lizards, Ham Tyler a veteran of vietnam who shoots rays without stopping to The bad ones, and like no Willie , the good lizard that ends up messing with an earthling.

The Rimember of the Vienne, V of green lizardBut the best of this series were the bad ones, or rather the bad ones, Diana and Lydia, two caterpillars in every way that with those tight red dresses gave much to talk about. I will never forget those posters of them two that came with the Teleindiscreta (ay o that you rich!).

I tell you things about this series, in principle they were two chapters, then they happened to five that finished with the red dust and end of the story, but as it was very successful they decided to lengthen the series (perhaps too much) and they invented the roll of the Girl of the stars and everything else. The really curious thing about the subject is that only 19 chapters of the planned 20 were emitted, in such a way that the one that is the last chapter of V never has been emitted by any television of the world , leaving some of the threads of the plot without closing .

This series has undoubtedly left a mark on the iconography of the time. The ships, the green faces of the lizards the pistolitas those with rays … By the way, I had one of water, a pistol very similar to this:

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Last summer Cuatro issued the entire series, but as I read online, there are rumors that in 2009 a sequel will be made based on a book that was published a long time ago as a continuation of the story, which would happen a few years later with more towns Aliens in between.

It also discusses the possibility of a modern remake of the same story. The truth is that I do not know if I want to happen, or I prefer to stay with this sketchy but molona series that such good memories has brought us today to the Rimembe of the Vienne.

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