Tips For Healthy Skin

As ladies, we love to enhance our looks at every opportunity, and what better way than with use of makeup and other skin care products. Although these products may boost our confidence and accentuate our beauty when our skin shines, are these bad for the skin, and what can we do to ensure healthy skin?

Cosmetics have an expiration date like food. Cosmetics that have expired and are old contain a tremendous amount of bacteria. The bacteria does not only affect the person wearing the makeup but also anybody who comes into contact with the person who is wearing expired makeup. The bacteria can affect the makeup, even after one use. It will build up and cause harm to your skin, lips and eyes.

You should avoid old makeup as it causes blisters, pink eye and other eye infections. If you do get an infection, there are plenty of natural products available. To find out which one are the most cost-effective, take a look at Review Critic and peruse through their comprehensive reviews and reports.

What Can Be Done To Ensure Healthy Skin?

You need to protect your skin from the sun 

Cosmetics, usually, have a certain level of sun protection factor but are less effective when the makeup has expired, which may result in skin burns.

Make sure to wash your cosmetic tools and hands before application 

Your cosmetic tools and hands may contain bacteria and if you apply it to your eyes before washing these, you increase the risk of getting an eye infection or an allergic reaction.

Do not share your cosmetics

Although we are kind to our girlfriends when they ask to borrow our cosmetic tools, we increase the risk of cross-contamination that occurs when two or more individuals use the same makeup or cosmetic tools. One of the most significant dangers is that you can contract a virus from the other person. 

The temperature of makeup 

You need to keep your makeup in a room that has a temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit or less. That is important as makeup that is stored in spaces with excessive heat for prolonged periods will weaken, thereby exposing you to skin conditions.

What Else Can Be Done?

  • Do not smoke – When you smoke, your blood vessels are narrowed, which makes skin paler and decreases blood flow. This contributes to wrinkles and makes skin look older. Smoking also causes harm to elastin and collagen, which are the fibers that provide skin with elasticity and strength.
  • Be gentle to your skin – Do not shower or bath for prolonged periods with hot water. Use warm water, instead. When shaving, use a sharp razor, as well as shaving gel to protect your skin. You should also make use of a moisturizer if your skin is dry.
  • A healthy diet – The best foods for healthy skin include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole-grains. You need to drink a lot of water to keep the skin hydrated. Diets that are made up of mostly fish may contribute to younger-looking skin.
  • Limit stress – Health experts have advised to limit stress. When you stress, the skin becomes sensitive and triggers acne and other skin conditions. To ensure you decrease the risk of stress, you should get plenty of sleep, and make time for a social life and enjoyment.

Other Tips

Do not pop your zits 

We have all been there. The teenage years are bad enough without the zits, but it can get worse if you decide to pop them. When you pop zits, you increase the risk of getting a skin infection or scarring. Popping the zit rips your skin, and it welcomes bacteria into a pimple.


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