Tricks And Treats In Halloween Baskets

Halloween is a fun time of the year when you give other people treats along with performing a few tricks. You can give small treat bags to the kids who come to your home or to your child’s classroom. Food gift baskets are an option for family members as well as teachers, neighbors, and others who you want to give a little more to for Halloween. There are numerous baskets that you can use for Halloween gifts, such as a pumpkin, ghost, or a cauldron.

Use colored paper that matches the basket as well as a few curled decorative pieces that are a different color that matches the rest of the basket. Try to find containers that have a handle on them, especially if you’re giving the gifts to young children who might not be able to carry a large basket of treats alone.

A pumpkin bucket could include orange treats as well as treats that look like a pumpkin or have the flavor of a pumpkin. Wrap a green ribbon around the top of the basket or container to look like the stem. You can make a few Halloween cookies that you decorate to put inside the baskets that you make. The cookies should be wrapped to keep them fresh until they are delivered.

Candy bars of any size can be glued to craft sticks and positioned in the container to look like a bouquet. You can then add other treats like rings, stuffed animals, or pencils. Try to include treats that are age-appropriate. If you’re making something for an adult, then consider a few small packs of coffee in fall flavors or a few packs of candy.

A fun idea would be to put a large stuffed animal inside a Halloween box with candy so that it pops out when the lid is lifted.

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