Various Types Of Wood Flooring

Various Types Of Wood Flooring And Advantages

Are you looking for a new floor for your home? Then don’t waste your time looking for various solutions, decide on wood flooring. Yes, wooden flooring has been gaining popularity over the years when compared to carpets or tiles. For those who are looking for style, durability, and great value for money, then real wood flooring is the perfect solution.

There are various types of wood flooring available in the market. The three basic wood flooring are:
– Solid Wood Flooring
– Hardwood Flooring
– Engineered Wood Flooring
– Laminate Flooring

Various Types Of Wood Flooring

As the name suggests, the hardwood flooring is done with large planks of hardwood. The major type of hardwood used for flooring purposes is Oak. Oak flooring is the most popular among the hardwood floors. It comes in two varieties, red and white. The white oak floor is harder than the red oak floor. The white oak carries a more uniform appearance than its red counterpart. White oak is heavy and has medium bending strength and low stiffness.

Engineered wood flooring serves as an excellent alternative to its hardwood counterpart. The engineered wood floor is sand which of finished wood and plywood. The plywood is laid below just above the floor and it is covered with the finished one. The surface which you walk over is the finished wood surface. Engineered wood serves as the best solution for flooring areas with moisture like bathrooms and cleaning spaces. The plywood is laid perpendicular to the adjacent plywood. This gives dimensional strength to the wood sandwich.

Various Types Of Wood Flooring

Laminate floors are not real wood floors, but just a thin sheet which feels like wood. Laminate floors are the best choice if you have pets and children at home. Laminate floors are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs. It is suitable for most modern interior design concepts. Laminate floors are very economical and are very easy to install. It can be installed over an existing floor, sub-floor, or concrete.

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