Onda V891, a tablet with good value for money

Onda V891, Versatility At A Good Price

Onda V891? Today we talk about tablets, in particular one of the brand Onda. This brand of Chinese origin has already made a good journey in the world of tablets, offering us good features and not least, at good prices. Our protagonist today will be the Onda V891 tablet, which is Dual Boot, which means we can use it with both Windows and Android, something I’m sure more than one will please. It also has some more than acceptable features that we will see below at a recommended price.

Characteristics of the Onda V891 tabletCharacteristics of the Onda V891 tablet

The Onda V891 tablet has a capacitive screen of 10 points of 8.9 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels . This device has an Intel Z3735F quad-core processor at 1.83GHz. It also has 2 Gb of Ram and 16 Gb of Rom expandable up to 128 Gb by Micro SD card. The graphic processor that incorporates this tablet is an Intel HD Graphic. One of the most outstanding features of the Onda V891 is that it is dual Boot, with which we can work with both Windows 10 and Android, according to our taste.

The Onda V891 tablet has Dual Boot system, with which we can work with both windows and Android.

The Wave V891 has a lithium polymer battery of 5400 mAh power, with which we can see 5 hours of video approximately. This tablet has two cameras, a main 2 megapixels and a secondary 0.3 megapixels, although not a wonder, it is not bad to have the cameras for any improvise. It also has built-in speaker and microphone.

This tablet has a slot for Micro SD cards, for Micro USB and also has Micro HDMI. It also has 3.5 mm mini jack audio port and Bluetooth 4.0 version. It has dimensions 22.5 x 13.5 x 1.0 cm and a weight of 412 grams. As for colors, it is black in front and the back part is white. In addition, the rear part has a series of rugged concentric markings for greater grip and that the V891 Wave does not slip easily.

The Wave V891 has concentric marks for greater grip.

Specifications of the Onda V891 tablet

Brand : Onda

Type : Tablet PC.

Display: Capacitive of 10 points.

Size: 8.9 inches.

Resolution: 1280 x 800 (WXGA).

Operating system: Android 4.4, Windows 10.

CPU : Intel Z3735F Quad Core at 1.83GHz.

GPU : Intel HD Graphic.

RAM : 2 Gb. Android: 1.87 Gb / Windows 10: 2.00 Gb.

ROM : 32 Gb. Android: 6.95 Gb / Windows 10: 13.8 Gb.

Battery : 5400mAh.

Battery hours: 5 hours of video.


Main camera: 2.0 megapixels.

Secondary camera: 0.3 megapixels.

Slot TF Card: Micro SD expandable up to 128 Gb.

Slot Micro USB.

Micro HDMI.

Audio port : 3.5 mm mini jack.

WiFi: 802.11b / g / n wireless internet.



Bluetooth: Version 4.0.

Sensors: G-sensor.


Built-in microphone

Formats :


Music: AAC, MP3, WAV.

Video: 3GP, MP4, AVI.

MS Office: Word, Excel, PPT.

E-book: TXT, PDF.

3D games

Dimensions: 225 x 135 x 10 mm.

Weight : 412 grams.

Color: Black front and white behind.

Languages: Danish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Portuguese, English, French.

Additional content : MP3, MP4, Calendar, Alarm, Browser, Calculator.

Content of the box:Content of the box

Wave V891 versus Teclast X98 Plus.

One of the biggest differences we find between these two tablets is on the screen as the Teclast X98 Plus has 9.7 inches IPS and a resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, compared to the Wave V891 with a screen of 8.9 inches and resolution of 1280 x 800. Both processors are Intel quad-core but the Teclast is Intel Atom X5 Cherry Trail Z8300 at 1.84 GHz and Onda is Z3735F at 1.83 GHz. Even so, I have to say that the capacity of the Teclast X98 Plus is quite superior to Wave V891 since it has 4 Gb of Ram and 64 Gb of Rom, although both tablets are expandable up to 128 Gb by Micro SD card.

Purchase between the characteristics of both tablets

In terms of graphics, Wave V891 has Intel Graphic Gen-7 and Teclast X98 Plus has the same but the next generation, Gen-8. Both have two cameras but the Teclast again has an advantage with 5 and 2 megapixels respectively versus 2 and 0.3 of the Wave V891. The battery that owns the Wave V891 is 5400 mAh of power and the Teclast of 8000 mAh , something that is not bad for a tablet with its characteristics.

Both devices are Dual Boot , so with both tablets we can use both Windows and Android. In addition both have bluetooth with its version 4.0 . The Teclast is somewhat thinner but heavier with measures of 240 x 169 x 7.8 mm and a weight of 498 grams.

In short the Teclast X98 Plus is superior to the Wave V891 but you also have to take into account the price factor, since even being the best Teclast tablet is also quite expensive with a price higher than 180 dollars.

Onda V891, a tablet with good value for moneyOnda V891, a tablet with good value for money

In short if what you are looking for is a tablet that meets your expectations and has some more than acceptable characteristics without sacrificing your economy in excess , this would be a good purchase option without any doubt. It is a Dual Boot device , which will allow us if we get tired of Android we can operate with Windows and vice versa , which will seem that we have a new Tablet without having to buy another.

You can find the Wave V891 without problems in different stores: the cheapest price we have found on this occasion in iGogo. Another good option to buy this dual boot tablet on Aliexpress , where it still has a fantastic price. Finally, we findĀ  Ebay, a little more expensive but with a shorter delivery timeĀ  for shipping from USA.

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