Cameras, connectivity and autonomy

Teclast X10 Plus, We Tested The Renewal Of The X16

Teclast X10 Plus? The new member of the long and fruitful line of Teclast tablets. Again, this is a model that meets the guidelines of the brand, a product that is well equipped to adapt to a broad audience at a very tight price, all to stand out in this market so extremely saturated with devices. This recent model improves some of the features of its previous model, mounting an Intel Z8300 processor, 2 GB of RAM along with 32 GB of storage memory, unibody body with aluminum rear panel and 10.1-inch IPS panel to enjoy it as big.

Design and materials of the Teclast X10 PlusDesign and materials of the Teclast X10 Plus

It is not the first Teclast model that we bring to Gizlogic, in fact it is one of our favorite brands with a great quality / price ratio. The Teclast X10 Plus is no exception, as part of the X10 model improving some details at the aesthetic and hardware level. At first glance, the Teclast tablet does not break with the most traditional designs in this type of devices, opting for a combination of white front along with gray for the back. As for the materials used, the same as we saw in the Teclast X98 Air , a polycarbonate for the front and on the back aluminum, all in a unibody body of robust construction.

10.1 inch screen for work or leisure

The dimensions of the tablet are 25.88 x 16.30 x 0.93 cm and a weight of 624 g, which if we compare with the Teclast Tbook 16  we see a reduction in weight (886 g) and thickness (0, 96 mm). With these figures, we affirm that the Teclast X10 Plus tablet falls within the usual measures in this type of devices, equating to those of major brands such as HTC or Sony. With these dimensions and weight, we must bear in mind that it is not a device to be holding with one hand for a long time.

The Teclast X10 Plus tablet has a weight of 624 gramsTeclast X10 Plus

This Teclast tablet comes with the most common connections and elements. On the front we have the camera with 2 MP sensor without LED flash and without lighting sensor; and little else since the control buttons are virtual, integrated within the operating system itself with screen capture buttons, volume control and the usual actions of backspace or menu. On the right side, we have white plastic buttons for volume control and unlocking the screen. The left comes packed with most connections, such as miniHDMI, microUSB with OTG connectivity, power connector, 3.5 mm minijack connector and a USB 2.0 port.

Connection ports for different elements

In the upper edge, the usual place for the placement of the cards, is somewhat more empty by presenting the microphone and a single slot for microSD cards up to 128 GB, lacking connectivity with mobile networks to not have a SIM card slot, an aspect to consider. But luckily if you have a magnetic docking port on the bottom for the placement of a keyboard, which is purchased as an option. The rear area has a camera with a 2 MP sensor with a chrome border and no LED flash, a wide grille for the speaker and the brand’s silk screen.

Unique body body with aluminum back

The Teclast X10 Plus tablet is presented in a caring case along with microUSB cable, user manuals in English and Chinese, cable microUSB OTG adapter to connect our storage devices taking advantage of this connection and cable for charging the tablet using a regular adapter USB.

Screen and sound, bittersweet feeling

The tablet incorporates a 10.1-inch capacitive screen, IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. With this size, the ideal would have been to incorporate a Full HD panel, since the density of pixels remains at 149 ppi, a rather poor figure. Even so, the panel looks good both in the reproduction of audiovisual content and when working with it, thanks to the IPS panel that provides good viewing angles.

Screen with IPS panel to enjoy your audiovisual content or videogames

The screen is multitouch of 10 points and within the settings, allows the regulation of the font size to adapt to the measures of the panel. The display of the Teclast X10 Plus occupies 70% of the total of the front, with wide frames of 2 cm on the sides and 1.7 cm the narrowest. If we use it outdoors, we should raise the brightness level slightly above the selectable half for correct vision, which is fine.

The sound of the Teclast X10 Plus fulfills without more, clean sound but with very limited bass. Where we will get more juice will be through a Bluetooth headset or taking advantage of the 3.5 mm minijack output. The tablet lacks some software to equalize the audio output, so it would be advisable to download an application from Play Store.

Cameras, connectivity and autonomyTeclast X10 Plus

Both the front and rear cameras have a 2 MP sensor, leaving its use for video calls or a specific photo. The video recording reaches 720p at 30 fps, with a bit rate of 8.2 Mbits / sec. The interface is simple with very limited settings, just the exposure, zoom and timer. We are not going to cheat you, the cameras show a rather poor quality, but its use is usually unusual in a tablet.

Very basic camera interface

As we discussed at the beginning, the Teclast X10 Plus tablet lacks connectivity with mobile networks, something that will be satisfactory for those who do not use this feature and that is reflected in the final price of the device. To connect our tablet to the internet we will use the WiFi connection 802.11 b / g / n, with a good signal reception even several meters away from the source. One of the benefits we most appreciate is the addition of a micro HDMI connector to connect the tablet to the TV and to view the contents of it, although we also have the function of sending a screen to watch Netflix on our television. We close the section mentioning the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection to connect all kinds of devices such as head phone control commands.

Settings for microHDMI connection to an external screen or projector

The integrated battery of 7200 mAh is tested by the most demanding consumers, being able to last from 7 to 9 hours of screen, depending on the use we give it. Therefore, the autonomy of the Teclast X10 Plus is above the 6,000 mAh of the X16 Plus model of the brand and virtually the same as the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (7,300 mAh). Of course, the full charge of the battery can exceed 5 hours. With these figures, the tablet of Teclast becomes a great ally in long trips or more intense work days.

Performance and other technical characteristics

The SoC Cherry Trail Z8300, 4 cores at 1.4GHz (1.8 GHz in high performance) and Intel HD Graphics Gen 8 GPU (500 MHz / DirectX 11.2) appear again here. This Intel SoC is widely used in tablets for its architecture with 14 nm cores and a good performance / autonomy ratio. In addition, this GPU allows the reproduction of audiovisual content in 4K in local storage, via streaming it remains at 720p.

Test of reproduction of audiovisual contents

Following the characteristics of the Teclast X10 Plus, we have 2 GB of RAM that at no time have been left in short supply during our games tests. With several applications installed and running in the background, we still have about 900 megabytes available. The storage memory of 32 GB will not be limited to us thanks to the microSD slot for cards up to 128 GB.

Some games of high polygonal load can be played in high quality, as is the case with Dead Trigger 2

We translate these figures to applications. The tablet moves well Android 5.1 with updates via OTA and only presents some Chinese applications that can be removed. The tablet supports the vast majority of video games with full fluency, although some games with higher polygonal load or textures, lower their quality at medium levels.

Availability and price of the Teclast X10 Plus

If after reading our review you encourage us to buy the tablet for your days under the umbrella, we recommend the Everbuying store. In this portal we can acquire it for just over 100 euros , with international rom in our language and with free shipping to our country following this link to Everbuying. Now you can take advantage of and use the discount coupon EBTEX1TP, with which you will save 2 $ and if you make the purchase from the smartphone they will discount an extra 2%.

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