We want it

We want it

I love the new eco bag from Blanco!!! Perfect to take the tackle to the beach, to make the daily purchase in the super, to take the tuper to the office or to put a more comfortable shoes if you know that you will not resist climbing all day on the scaffold.

We want it I know the purpose of the eco bag is another, to stop using the plastic and paper bags, but the truth is that I still have not changed the chip … I’m a bit of a mess, I know, but I try to make my progress … The organic, the containers, the glass and the cardboard (fortunately my kitchen is very big), I used the paper on both sides, I turn off the tap while I brush my teeth but with the shopping bags I am not mentalized … In fact, I still spend the 50 centimos of rigor in ALL my visits to Ikea and I have so many blue bags accumulated in the trunk of the car … I never remember to take them !!!

We want it Well, I detour … The Eco Bag de Blanco seems to me a very good excuse to start getting used to!!! The print is super trendy and the bag cannot be cuter!

And how do you carry the relationship with the environment? Many stores already have eco bags. Have you bought any?

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