Wedding dresses Second part

Wedding dresses, Second part

As you loved the post the other day ( here you can see it ), and I’m also looking for dress for a wedding that I have in July, and I love this topic, I decided to bring some more things that I liked in my search. The other day I only showed you short dresses, and today also touches some lengths. I have to say that of Spanish designers Juanjo Oliva is one of my favorites and Kina Fernandez too, so I have rescued some models that we could see in Cibeles. Let’s see what they look like!

Wedding dresses Second partFor those who want to excel, and wear something different, you can opt for high waist trousers and asymmetrical body, ideal with a headgear!

Hoss Intropía has a good collection of long dresses for weddings and events of all tastes, if you are classic and you like sobriety, the center and the right are ideal if, however, you like with a touch of color The one of the left in mango salmon tone is perfect.

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The truth is I do not like long black dresses, but this one has caught my attention, the neckline of the back is definitive, it seems original, and with a gathered in a low bow, and some minimalist complements, the result can be of 10 do you like it?Wedding dresses Second part

Mango has a whole collection of long dresses of romantic cut, with turtleneck type … if you enter the web you can see better and in the bodies of the models; although of course better to try them blindly buy!!!

Wedding dresses Second partAll the mixes are possible, and you do not need to spend on modeling because we have at our fingertips a lot of outfits, although if you want, you like and you have it, why not spend it? Do you prefer something cheap since a wedding is a single day, or on the contrary you like to spend a little more and go with something special?

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