Why should you consider a custom website?

If you’re looking to create a business website, then you may have been tempted to use a template or free website builder, rather than pay a developer to deliver a custom build. However, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to a custom build.

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1 It shows that you mean business

Any enterprise can create a free website. But a business that invests in a custom build demonstrates that it is professional and of high calibre. The fact that the website has clearly been paid for and built by an expert in the field reflects well on the brand and denotes a sense of quality to the viewer. It also means that you can create a unique look and feel that reflects your brand and values.

2 It is preferred by search engines

SEO is naturally improved when you have a custom build. Search engines are trained to avoid low-quality free sites when it comes to priority rankings. By investing in a custom website, you will also be investing in your search rankings and will have the ability to further develop your online marketing presence – https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-competitors/196681/.

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3 It gives you professional help

When a developer creates your business website from scratch, you benefit from ongoing professional assistance. This is invaluable when it comes to further development and the creation of new features for your site as it evolves. A Cardiff web designer from an agency such as https://ambercouch.co.uk/ can help you with this.

4 It makes ongoing development far easier

All business websites need to evolve over time and when you have a custom site, you have far greater control and ability to develop new modules and features according to what your analytics tell you that your customers need. What’s more, you can do this quickly and easily. When you have a free template site, the amount of coding involved to make adjustments and workarounds negates the benefit of having a cheap or free site in the first place.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for, and a custom website will allow you to present a far more professional front end to your prospects and customers; boosting conversions and helping to create brand engagement from the start, whilst maximising the benefits of your online marketing through content creation and a website that is optimised naturally for search engines.

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