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Now the better weather is here, we become slightly obsessed with windows. Should we leave them closed with blinds drawn to keep cool or should we throw them open and let the sun stream in? Do they need a good clean now the sun is showing up every smear and dust particle? Here we take a look at how the window symbolism has even made it as far as the bright lights of Hollywood. These are some films that feature windows in their titles:

Rear Window

This was a 1954 action thriller about a news reporter taking time off work due to a broken leg who passes the time by watching his neighbours. He thinks he witnesses a murder and takes it upon himself to solve the crime. Directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, he was inspired by two murders he’d read about in the British press. Thankfully for all those ‘curtain twitchers’ out there, we’re highly unlikely to ever witness anything as gruesome as a murder!

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Four Windows

This German film was released in 2006 and looks at the lives of four people in a German family. It’s a bit of a racy theme, with four individuals almost leading double lives that their family know nothing about until all is reveal around the family dinner table in a climactic showdown where secrets are unearthed. If all this talk of windows has reminded you that your windows could do with a makeover then think about Double Glazing Leicester and visit

The Woman in the Window

A brilliant thriller from 1944 that proves black and white films still hold up under modern standards. Directed by Fritz Lang and starring Joan Bennett, the film follows the story of a professor who ends up being invited to help investigate the death of a man he himself killed in self-defence. This all started due to the presence of an alluring femme fatale – the woman in the window no less!

Secret Window

A 2004 psychological thriller starring Johnny Depp covers the creepy tale of a writer stalked by someone who claims he plagiarized his work. The farmer begins a haunting campaign of retribution in a remote location where Johnny Depp’s character has gone to recover from a nasty divorce. It all goes horribly wrong and people get killed, all over a disputed story called ‘Secret Window’.

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Broken Windows

This 1998 movie is a bit of a chick flick and covers the experiences of four women struggling to rebuild their lives or make decisions in difficult circumstances. The stories unfold and then come together, with problems exposed that everyone of us can relate to in some way. A feel-good movie where we are shown that we are not alone in life’s trials and tribulations.

The Window

Another golden oldie, this thriller was released in 1949 and is about things we wished we hadn’t seen. A young boy sneaks out of his window but sees two neighbours murder a sailor. Because he has told a few tall tales in the past, nobody believes him but when his mother leaves to look after a sick relative, will the neighbours be out to get the boy next?

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