Xiaomi joins Retina screen fever

Xiaomi Mipad: Still A Good Choice | Best Mobile Review

Xiaomi Mipad? That technology products fall quickly into obsolescence, is an open secret. However, within this technological madness that we live and that makes our devices barely maintain interest for a few months, there are some products that survive much longer than they should usually do.

This is the case of the Xiaomi MiPad (also known as Xiaomi Mi Pad), a Xiaomi tablet that has been in the market for just over a year and which is still an excellent purchase option. Xiaomi has amply demonstrated that its products are up to any of the “big” and if they also show us with devices like the  Xiaomi MiPad that will remain a good idea even a year after its launch, it is another reason to fall into your networks.

Xiaomi MiPad, design that does not go out of styleXiaomi MiPad, design that does not go out of style

We enter fully into the analysis of the Xiaomi MiPad beginning with its design. As the new Chinese giant has accustomed us, this Xiaomi tablet stands out in the first place due to its color. Blue, white, pink, yellow and green , all of them with the front in black, a small detail that somewhat disfigures the overall aesthetics of the tablet but in any case leaves us satisfied as the colors of the case plastic back are really nice.

Xiaomi MiPad

Color range of the Xiaomi MiPad

In addition to its color, the Xiaomi MiPad also stands out for its absolute simplicity. Nothing to distract us, no element to emphasize in its physical appearance. Simple lines, curved edges, absence of physical buttons and just the lens of the camera in the upper left corner of the back. A success? In my opinion, yes, “less is more” and Xiaomi shows it with a simple but really nice model.

Dimensions and views of the Xiaomi MiPadDimensions and views of the Xiaomi MiPad

The Xiaomi MiPad tablet encloses its  7.9 inches screen in dimensions of 202.1 x 135.4 x 8.5 mm and a weight of 360 grams. The edges of the screen are quite pronounced especially in the upper and lower frame, the sides are somewhat smaller but in any case are remarkable.

The Xiaomi Mi Pad tablet charges through its bottom

We can find the charger socket in the lower part, while the speakers are in the back housing, partly partly concealed by the bright colors of the device. The power and volume buttons place them (as usual) on the right side.

Features Xiaomi MiPad

It’s been a little more than a year since the Xiaomi MiPad saw the light for the first time and yet its specifications still seem quite adequate:

Display:  7.9 inches IPS, Retina display with resolution 2,048 x 1,536 pixels and 326 ppi

Processor:  NVIDIA Tegra K1 Cortex A15 quad-core 2.2 GHz

RAM memory:  2 GB

Internal memory:  16 GB, expandable by external card up to 128 GB additional

Rear camera: 8 MP

Front camera : 5 MP

Connectivity: WIFi, Bluetooth 4.0

Connectors: Micro USB OTG, 3.5 mm headphone jack, microSD slot

Supported image formats: BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF

Supported audio formats: OGG, AAC, AMR, MP3

Supported video formats: 1080P

Other supported formats: Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, PDF

Operating system: Android 4.4 KitKat

Battery: 6,700 mAh

Dimensions: 202.1 x 135.4 x 8.5 mm

Weight: 360 grams

Package Contents: 1 x Xiaomi Mi Pad, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x Hook to remove SIM.

Xiaomi joins Retina screen feverXiaomi joins Retina screen fever

The theme of the screen is especially relevant when we talk about a tablet. Its large dimensions give it a prominence able to elevate a model to the top or relegate it completely from our wish list.

Xiaomi MiPad comes equipped with a Retina display with an excellent level of brightness and realism in its colors

If we look at size, resolution and quality, we can give an  outstanding to the Xiaomi MiPad in the section of the screen . It loses the honor matriculation by the pronounced frames that we have analyzed in the paragraphs dedicated to the design and by the 7.9 inches that limit enough the target audience of the product. Although it is a really comfortable size and very appropriate for the use that we can give the Xiaomi MiPad, in the field of tablets also meets the premise of “big horse, walk or not walk” and it seems that the screens that haunt the 10 inches are still preferred.

His outdoor behavior is simply spectacular. The brightness of the Xiaomi MiPad improves even the iPad Mini itself and the reality of the colors is magnificent.  In addition, if we are not satisfied with the color balance, we can adjust aspects such as temperature or saturation of them. Good job on this Retina display.

Xiaomi MiPad, how are you looking for hardware?


The Tegra K1 leaves us a pretty good behavior, beating again other tablets much more expensive in the Antutu tests in terms of power and fluidity. Its clock frequency at 2.2 GHz and 2 GB of RAM move this little Chinese beast of 2014 that has nothing to envy to newer models.


If you are looking for a good, loud, loud and clear sound, the Xiaomi Mi Pad also fulfills. The only downside that once again takes away the honor plate is the fact that its speakers are located in the back, because it loses some volume when resting on a flat surface.


Although megapixel bullets, are above the usual amount in the tablets, devices that we know are not precisely focused on taking pictures. Its resolution is acceptable and for the capture of a punctual photo or to make video calls are more than enough.


Perhaps the section in which Xiaomi Mi Pad is more justite is. It has WiFi and Bluetooth, but we miss the possibility of a 3G to expand your mobility options. In any case, this lack can be solved by buying a small mifi router (the evolution of the 3G / 4G spikes)


The behavior of the battery leaves us satisfied. It can easily endure several days in a row without going through the pits and with a very intensive use it can take us a whole working day (8 hours) without stopping.

Xiaomi MiPad

In exchange for a rather high weight (one of the few drawbacks of the Xiaomi MiPad), the Chinese manufacturer compensates us with a battery with enough solvency

Availability and price Xiaomi My Pad

The Xiaomi MiPad was put on sale at the end of 2018 and little by little its price has been falling. Currently we think it is a smart shopping option for those looking for a tablet with the features we have been analyzing throughout this review of the Xiaomi MiPad. Its price can be considered an intermediate price, within reach of most if you want a good tablet without triggering the budget, we recommend making the purchase in Gearbest , a classic among our preferred options of purchase.

As data, mention that soon we will have in the market the Xiaomi MiPad 2 , of which we still do not know price and availability, but that as it is logical will raise its price while improving certain characteristics.

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