You Get Married? My Favorite Wedding Dress Designers!

You Get Married? My Favorite Wedding Dress Designers!

Many of you write us asking for advice for your wedding, or for those of your friends, well today I bring you a post with some of my designers of favorite wedding dresses, there are many more and I will discover some more of all cities, I hope you like this post and it will be of help or inspiration for your weddings, always with permission from Lola that she is the most expert in weddings.

The truth is that I do not know if I’ll ever marry because I’m not very wed, but I have to say that I love to see the works of art that some designers do, and that I’m also a follower of Vogue and Telva brides, not one, so as I have many names in my head I’ll go and tell you what they look like.

You Get Married? My Favorite Wedding Dress Designers!I have clear that if someday I would marry, I would like to have an exclusive design for me, there is nothing wrong to buy one pret porter for nothing, but I think if you are going to dress as a bride once in your life ideally you have one unique and exclusive for you? Well if you think like me these are some of your designers:

From Lista with Love are from Madrid and their dresses have a personal stamp that I love, nothing overloaded, light, authentic and very romantic.

You Get Married? My Favorite Wedding Dress Designers!Basaldua: Surely more than one of sounds, well the signature Haute Couture has been renovated and has also created a line pret a porter ideal and different that I am sure you will love.


David Christian Madrid you already know because I have taught you on more than one occasion the wonderful guest dresses that he does, well he also has a line for brides, and I encourage you to stop by his web to see it. The accessories you use to decorate your wedding dresses are ideal.

Otaduy is a Catalan firm for different brides, who do not like the typical wedding dress, more retro and bohemian.

You Get Married? My Favorite Wedding Dress Designers!Okay

Beba’s Closet is also a Madrid firm that has both haute couture and pret-porter collection. Her dresses are delicate, feminine, and perfect for a great day like your wedding. It takes little time to walk, but a gap has already been made between the most desired signatures.

You Get Married? My Favorite Wedding Dress Designers!Roberti Diz’s has made very famous for dressing all the famous ones of Seville, like Mercedes Peralta or Mercedes Bohorquez among others, and is that there is no better showcase. He is an artist and there is no girlfriend to leave indifferent.

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